Getting Started Getting Fitter!

The biggest of hurdles in shedding pounds is getting started. It’s surprisingly easy, yet the single biggest thing that gets in the way of people, particularly after the festive season. It’s a hugely symbolic moment, leaving that ice cream in the freezer, stopping eating the main course when you begin to feel full rather than cramming it all down, or simply walking to the shops instead of jumping in the car.

All you need to do is to do something. Anything. It doesn’t have to be a 30 minute walk or a planned daily fitness routine, just get underway so you’ve taken action and begun. That way there’s no kidding yourself that you can start tomorrow – it’s underway.

While cutting out excessive or high calorie, fatty food is important, it’s much easier to start by getting a little more active. If you are particularly unfit or overweight, pay a quick visit to the GP, as they’ll have a lot of encouraging words, but more importantly do a few quick tests to keep you safe – no-one wants to collapse on the side of a busy road, even if it’s just from exhaustion. Don’t expect to run a marathon overnight either. Slowly build up – it really doesn’t matter if a give minute walk around the block is where it starts – again, you’re doing something.

You can slowly increase your activity every few days, and the great thing about exercise is you quickly feel better for it. The first few days are going to be tough, we’re not going to lie to you, but in a couple of weeks, you’ll start to notice some huge advancements.

You might be surprised to notice that we’ve not mentioned the gym yet – that’s intentional. We know they’re intimidating places, but don’t worry we’ll get you there if that’s what you’re aspiring to, or if you can’t stand the thought, there’s some ideas you can use to get the same effect at home too!

If you’re feeling confident, by all means start to reign your diet in too – cutting out the bad habits is usually a great place to start – cut down on the chocolate (yes, cut down, you don’t have to drop it altogether), bin the fizzy drinks, and drink plenty of water. You might be surprised to know that you may well be dehydrated if you drink a lot of coke or coffee and tea.

So, there’s the initial ideas to help us get going. Operation Christmas is taking you by the hand to destination new you for the new year, and you’re already under our spell!