Beating The Christmas Bulge!

Christmas is, and has long been, a time of extreme over indulgence. We all have the best of intentions, to limit or excess to the big day, but very few of us can honestly say we have managed it come new year. In fact, those huge tins of chocolates (you know the ones, Celebrations, Heroes, Quality Street and Roses) will all too often be gone by the time Christmas Eve arrives, with many of us scouring the supermarkets to see if any of them still have the stock to replace them with.

It’s a time of year when a lot of friends, relatives and even work colleagues pass through the home, and with each ring of the doorbell, the calorie count is swelled by more snacks, drinks and general waistline growing celebrating. Of course, it’s something we look forward to all year, but once it’s over, it’s time to start thinking more carefully about how we’re going to undo the damage around our middles.

That’s what Operation Christmas is all about. Let’s work on that workout together, build up a delicious diet that will reverse the trend, and let ourselves be proud of what we can quickly achieve in the weight loss department when we really put our minds to it!